Opinion: Trump = Change = Opportunity

Angela HickmoreBy Angela Hickmore, Managing Director, Norman Broadbent Interim Management.

“What separates the winners from the losers is how each person reacts to each new twist of fate” Donald Trump

Irrespective of what you think of Donald Trump, his election has triggered events which has created a period of change …uncertainty … and for some, opportunity!


  • Stock markets including the FTSE fell, but later recovered and even made some gains
  • Sterling improved against the US$ before shifting back to its prior rate
  • A more conciliatory and less bullish Mr Trump talked about working together with the global economy
  • The US Ambassador to the UK reconfirmed the “special ” relationship

Uncertainty remains however as Mr Trump has no track record in public office. Mr Trump clearly has an “America first” philosophy but the UK exports over £30bn of goods and services per annum to the US so any changes in free trade would impact us.

So what does this mean for Interim Executives?

Well history dictates that periods of uncertainty can be good for the Interim Market, providing the period of uncertainty is not prolonged or places us in a limbo status.

Clients I spoke to yesterday were less phased by Trump’s election that they were about Brexit.

Some saw it as an opportunity to reassess not just their European strategies but now their America strategy. With Sterling being so competitive and Mr Trump likely to go on a spending spree in areas such as infrastructure, some saw it as a great opportunity to export more services and goods. Others talked about development of their distribution channels on line, and some a review of world wide operations and locations given a potential change in the labour market in the US.

Business solutions and change are driven by people. As Interim Executives thrive during periods of uncertainty, change and volatility this is a time for Interims to excel and come into their own.

Now is the time for Interim Executives think about how their skills and experience in areas such as Technology, Distribution, Operations, Sales & Marketing and Finance can support this unprecedented change. Experiences are unique and it’s important that individuals highlight the value of their experience to bring ideas and actions to play.

As one of the UK’s oldest Search and Interim Management organisations with 33 years of trading experience, Norman Broadbent Group are experienced facilitators of change through effective introductions of Professionals. We have the experience, ideas and solutions to support businesses and Interims. During periods of change and uncertainty we are one of the firms you can rely on!