Opinion: Time for Action!

Angela HickmoreBy Angela Hickmore, Managing Director, Norman Broadbent Interim Management.

The Interim Market is typically very busy at this time of year with clients attacking their Change Agendas with more gusto!

If you were one of the Interims who finished their last assignment before Christmas then this is a time for effective action. I’m using the word effective deliberately as for Senior Interims it’s not about blasting your cv out to 100’s of providers but a more considered approach. So what can you do?

1 You and your experience are unique ! Make sure your credentials document really highlights your strengths and effective experience in Change and Transformation. Don’t assume any prospective Client or Provider understands the context in which you have delivered Change so make it clear and quantify, if possible what you have achieved.

2 Seek advice and research what skills the Interim market is looking for. This could be specific products, outsourcing, distribution channels and if you have those skills/experience make sure it’s evident. The market changes – last years demands for certain skills may not be the demands for 2017.

3 Be visible where it matters. Many of the Senior Interim Providers, Like Norman Broadbent do not advertise their roles. Make this the year that you develop personal relationships with Providers who work at your level and reflect the credibility you demonstrate. Ask about their Client base and types of assignments they handle and Choose carefully 3-4 as the likelihood is they will be generators of work for you.

4 Be visible to your network. Sending them Good Wishes for 2017 and letting them know you are available at the same time is a quick way of putting yourself back on their radar. Your network should be dynamic – keep adding to it – consultants, NED’s and professional advisers should be included.

5 Dare to be different – Providers are responding to a range of business problems from client needs which need solutions Good providers will work with their Interims to construct a solution – a different approach, an outcome which may include other deliverables not scoped but easily added.  This will set you apart and hopefully land the assignment.

From the team at Norman Broadbent Interim Management , we wish you all a very successful and prosperous 2017 !

Norman Broadbent Interim Management works with Senior Interim Executives across a wide range of industries and functions. Part of the Norman Broadbent Group which includes Executive Search, Board (NED appointments ) and Leadership Consulting.