Mitigating Risk … Maximising Return

PE: Improving ROI, Mitigating Risk & Maximising return

By Angela Hickmore, Managing Director, Norman Broadbent Interim


It is clear when speaking to Private Equity professionals, that besides the price they buy and sell at, a factor underpinning investment success is getting the leadership right!


When it comes to the latter, this is where we come in.


Norman Broadbent Group increasingly supports Private Equity by ensuring the most effective and impactful management teams are in place. We work with professional investors to help them maximise the opportunity and minimise the risk. Sometimes, it is about bringing additional bandwidth to the leadership team; other times, it is about replacement.


The key to success is not just finding those candidates with the right experience, but ensuring they have the tenacity and mind-set necessary for a results driven, fast-paced Private Equity environment.


Enter Interim 


Impactful Senior Interims offer an instant solution. They are highly skilled specialists who hit the ground running and quickly embed themselves into a business. As outcome-driven professionals, they achieve results quickly and understand the need for strong, focused management. With increasingly hungry and fast-paced Private Equity professionals facing more and more complex business issues within their portfolios, they are now more reliant than ever on Senior Interims.


Why Interim Professionals work well with Private Equity


  • They are ‘trouble-shooters’ with wide experience, which makes them effective quickly
  • They are execution-focused and work to achieve specific outcomes
  • They are objective and decisive
  • They adapt to their environment quickly
  • They can be introduced at short-notice – often within days – resulting in immediate impact
  • They ‘get’ Private Equity
  • They accept high levels of accountability
  • They work at pace and embrace change
  • They are ‘current’; because they move from assignment to assignment, they are often best placed to keep Private Equity up to date with sector trends and changes
  • They are ‘starter-finishers’


Senior Interim Executives offer a diverse range of expertise, are level-headed, and are agile with a pragmatic ‘get-it-done’ approach. In summary, this unique combination of attitude, mind-set, and experience is what makes a successful Senior Interim Professional.


Why Norman Broadbent Interim works well with Private Equity


The need for, and reliance on, strong and effective management teams will increase as the Private Equity sector grows.


Typically, we support Private Equity by introducing them to the very best, most relevant, Senior Interim Professionals in either a pre- or post-sale environment. These are not just within leadership roles but also across areas such as Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing/Distribution, Digital, and Supply Chain.


Over the years, our heritage has enabled us to gain a great understanding of the professional investment community.  As investment in innovative, growing businesses is vital to the UK economy, we like to think we are playing a small part in its success in the way we support our Private Equity partners.


If you would like to hear more about how we may be able to help your business, please contact Angela Hickmore, Managing Director, Norman Broadbent Interim for an initial confidential discussion.


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