The Return of the InterPerm

As you may recall, I recently wrote an article about the rise of the ‘InterPerm’.

Since then, I’ve received a significant increase in the number of Norman Broadbent clients looking to engage talent in this way.

Because of this, I thought I would share with you some recent examples of where the use of talent in this way has proven to be a really effective solution for our clients.

In certain instances, a traditional search will continue to be the right and proper choice for businesses that need a thorough map of the market in order to get a broad range of candidates. Likewise, when your business needs are short term, specific or project based, the right solution will be to use an interim.

However, if you feel an ‘InterPerm’ is the right solution and if you would like to learn more about how The Norman Broadbent Group could support you in this area,  please contact Nick Behan  on  the following: or (0) 20 7484 0106


Case Study 1

European HRD

Global Manufacturing Business

Our client was facing several significant challenges that revolved around the business moving from a regionally to a divisionally structured organisation. As a direct result, they required a highly experienced HRD to support the development and implementation of a strategy to deliver this change in Europe.

The challenge was significant because they operated 15 manufacturing sites across seven countries – including France and Germany – and over 2,000 employees. Of these 2,000+ employees, approximately 60% were blue collar which created the challenge of working alongside both unions and works councils to deliver change.

Additionally, the organisation was structured in a complex matrix due to a series of recent acquisitions and they were in the process of making a big capex investment; all of which involved significant workforce change and challenges.

Because of these complexities and the project-based nature of the challenges the business instinctively thought to hire an interim. This is because the interim was likely to possess the experience of delivering the types of change projects our client were looking for.

However,  the assignment was likely to be longer than a professional interim would normally undertake. Furthermore,  the Group HRD was looking to retire in the imminent future. As a direct result, the manufacturer decided the best way forward was to engage an ‘InterPerm’ to deliver the change projects on an interim contract and then step up into the Group HRD role on a permanent basis.

Our client engaged an ‘InterPerm’ who was over-qualified and possessed significant experience in successfully completing challenging interim change projects in the past, on both a global and European level.

When the interim has successfully completed the manufacturing business’ change projects, they will then step up into the Group HRD role. When they do so, the benefit to the client is that the ‘InterPerm’ will already have a strong understanding of the business, established relationships with key stakeholders and established credibility within the wider business.

Because of this approach, our client was able to engage someone at short notice to solve their immediate challenges, but at the same time deliver their succession plan for the Group HRD.


Case Study 2

Marketing & E-Commerce Director

Manufacturing & Retail PLC

Norman Broadbent’s B2C manufacturing client was seeking to modernise their marketing and improve engagement with their customer base.

Where the manufacturer had previously used physical catalogues, they were now looking to develop an online offering which would form a growth area of sales for the business.

The manufacturer’s customer base was growing at an average of 650,000 annually and the business was servicing in excess of 1.6m customers,  achieving a 60% net retention rate. The business also had some strong data analytics but weren’t using this data as effectively as they could be to target customers.

The client was looking to engage an Interim Marketing & E-Commerce Director to attract customers and improve the retention rates; in order to increase revenue. 

After initially seeking a permanent role, the manufacturing client decided to engage an ‘InterPerm’ following a discussion about the change aspect.  This served as a solution to their challenges, business as usual and change.

The business was able to engage an ‘InterPerm’ that had not only amassed significant experience of successfully delivering change projects, but who was also happy to take on the longer term BAU role.

The engaged candidate managed to deliver the change piece for the business and implement greater use of data analytics. This resulted in the business being more responsive to customer trends and buying patterns, as well as creating solid sales generating marketing campaigns.

Concurrently, the ‘InterPerm’ improved and developed the client’s online presence, allowing them to attract new customers, migrate the previous catalogue system and increase the business’ 60% net retention rate.

Following the successful completion of the marketing change project, our client had the benefit of getting to know the candidate and assess the quality of their output. After having already built strong relationships with the key stakeholders, the ‘InterPerm’ became the ideal solution for the manufacturer’s long term needs. Effectively both our client and candidate were able to ‘try before they buy’.