Not having the right talent in place for GDPR will cost your business more than a fine.

Digital and Data AnalyticsNorman Broadbent Solutions are right now working with clients who are getting ready for GDPR. In 2017, my colleagues Minesh Ghelani and James Wyman wrote a white paper, NB Solutions Changing Perceptions of GDPR, examining its impact on business.

For a consumer, it will present the opportunity to address any violation and enjoy recompense if accepted. The Information Commissioner’s Office is transparent with its advice and guidance to a wronged individual.

The law firm, White & Case unlock each point of law and its implication in their blog. Given:

  • the cost of a fine
  • added to the defence costs against any litigation
  •  as well as the administrative costs of information request
  • and then the recompense payable to the applicant

Getting GDPR wrong could become very expensive, very quickly.

At seminars and events that I have attended recently, the talk is of when, not if, the first high profile action takes place – who will be made an example of.

The damage to the organisation’s reputation may be beyond repair. Analyst houses such as Ovum have researched the impact of GDPR and have a wealth of papers and supporting information.

Getting the right talent in place will be costly – in terms of hiring and training staff, to ensure:

  1.  The IT infrastructure is in place to support appropriate data processing, including cybersecurity
  2.  Legal compliance requirements are adhered to
  3.  Administrators are trained to deal with a request.

GDPR may well drive a significant re-engineering of your organisation.