Event Review: Cornhill Club Dinner, Tuesday 16th January 2018

Norman Broadbent was delighted to sponsor this month’s Cornhill Club Dinner, held on the evening of Tuesday 16th January 2018 at the Royal Automobile Club in London.

The evening’s special guest was Sarah Bates, Chair of St James’s Place Wealth Management, one of the few women to Chair an FTSE 100 organisation.

With a highly successful career, having working for many years in investment management and now a very experienced Chair, Non-Executive Director and advisor, Sarah has a variety of interests and roles including Chairing Polar Capital Technology Trust and serving as a NED on the Board of the World Healthcare Trust. Sarah has an impressive track record in both the private and voluntary sectors.

As part of her talk, Sarah addressed the possible impacts of intergenerational wealth transfer, looking at it from a broader stance than just financial effects. She talked candidly about the effect it might have on inequality and social mobility, which undoubtedly adds huge complexity to the future of wealth transfer for society as a whole. She also questioned whether the new found wealth for those inheriting would also negate some of the drive and determination of a small part of that generation, being those qualities which had in part created the wealth over the last 50 years. At the same time, it could lead to the alienation of those who did not benefit from this transfer.

In her thought-provoking speech, Sarah expressed her ideas on the need for adaptation and creativity due to forthcoming technology, the creation of new jobs which previously had not existed and the need to adapt in order to drive our economy going forward. Furthermore, she discussed the increasing need to think about the society we are handing wealth into.

Sarah concluded by emphasising the fact that diversity and diversity of thought were key and of the need to embrace this quickly. Creating a dynamic, creative and innovative society where everyone has the chance to create wealth was at the forefront of her message.

“Norman Broadbent Group was delighted to introduce Sarah as a speaker to the Cornhill Club and our thanks to her for such an informative and interesting talk, enjoyed by all.” Commented Norman Broadbent Interim Managing Director Angela Hickmore