Change & Transformation Programmes – Change or Be Doomed!

Change & Transformation Programmes Change or be Doomedby Nick Wratten, Commerce & Industry Practice Director at Norman Broadbent Interim 

According to a number of studies on Change and Transformation (Mckinsey/Kotter/IBM), 75% of change management programmes initiated by businesses fail, leading to a substantial amount of wasted time, effort and money.

The research also highlights that most programmes fail due to lack of people engagement. Permanent employees often see the transformation as an ‘outside process’, i.e. a change being done to the organisation rather than an ‘inside process’, focusing on change from an individual perspective. Another factor is communication: for some employees, the first they learn about it is when a team of external consultants walks through the door.

Change & Transformation

There is also an air of mystery surrounding “how and what” is being implemented within the organisation. For many, the feeling of being excluded from this privileged group “in the know” leads to a cynical view of “here we go again” and a disposition to resist the change.

Whilst the research was carried out a few years ago, a recent survey carried out in Q4 2017 by Norman Broadbent Interim Management, revealed that little has changed.

With change ongoing, a key factor for success is the method of delivery and the engagement of permanent staff with those delivering the change. Numerous organisations use the same consultancy for strategy and methodologies, as well as delivery. This approach may seem logical and easy in many ways, but it somehow denies that strategy and delivery require different skill sets.

A more effective approach to delivering successful change implementation is the combined use of Interim Management supported by a team of consultants. Consultants have strengths in producing diagnostics, formulating solutions and plans of action based on proven frameworks. Interim Executives can then take up the baton and begin the implementation stage whilst working alongside a company’s permanent staff.

This approach ensures that resources are being properly used and knowledge is transferred up and down the chain of command. Everyone ends up taking ownership and accountability for the solution being embedded into the business.

Having facilitated change for over 25 years, our experience shows there is also an added benefit in client savings, which are often as much as 50% when this solution is used. The main focus whilst implementing this approach, is to utilise as many of the client’s permanent staff as possible. This solution also offers a great opportunity for ongoing learning and development by providing exposure to up-and-coming members of staff. They have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the company’s culture and the team still delivers the expected business outcomes.

For more information and further research on the financial benefits in using this solution, please read our white paper on “Interim and Consultancy.”

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