Business Transformation People Moves: Winter 2017/2018

by Nick Wratten, Change & Transformation Practice Director at Norman Broadbent Interim Management

High profile change and transformation moves haven’t been slowing down recently. Organisations have been investing in talent at the top level in spite of the economic uncertainty. The following appointments have all taken place across the wider Change and Transformation marketplace over the Winter months in 2017/2018.

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  • British Council – Jay Arnold, Senior Programme Manager
  • Concept Life Sciences – Helen McKeever, Group Programme Manager
  • Interserve – Sally Cabrini, Director of Transformation
  • Opus Energy – Barry Campbell, Head of Business Change
  • Sanofi – Dominique Carouge, Head of Business Transformation
  • Travelex – Gareth Williams, Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer
  • DigitalBridge – James Lewis, Chief Operations Officer
  • Thomas Miller – Anna Haugh, Chief Operating Officer
  • Linklaters – Matt Peers, Global Chief Operating Officer
  • EBSCO – Ryan Loy, Chief Information Officer
  • Live Bette With – Karl Gregory, Chief Operations Officer
  • Alix Partners – Arif Harbott, Chief Transformation Officer