‘How To Manage Consultancy Spend And Get Better ROI’ Business Breakfast: 14th March 2018, London


Consultancy spend, often highly fragmented and relationship driven, can be particularly challenging to manage. Many companies which would not allow a hotel to be booked without going through the correct channels will nevertheless allow £millions to be spent on consultancy without particularly rigorous review.

For many organisations, change is a constant. With that comes high value transformation programmes, investment in technology and the use of advisory services to ready them for the next piece of regulatory change coming down the track. Rarely are the high expectations set by consultancy firms met and often only with significant overspend. As a result, clients are forced to freeze spend – recognising that if they cannot buy such services effectively then they just need to stop.

How to Manage Material Consultancy Spend is the aim of this Breakfast, addressing the issues which major clients face when buying all types of consultancy (including accountancy), whether one-man-band, boutique or big brand.

The Breakfast, in Partnership with Norman Broadbent Interim Management, will be led by Alan Gotto from Constellia, a recognised leading expert on consultancy spend management. Alan has over 20 years experience and expertise in this area, working with clients as diverse as Aviva, Deutsche Bank, John Lewis, Thomas Cook and the London Stock Exchange on all forms of external advisor engagement.