Brexit blocker in supply chain shocker …

As Brexit looms, many UK supply chain executives are scenario planning (for the worst).   With a trade deal looking less likely before March 2019, procurement professionals and business leaders are seeking to understand how the import/export market will be affected.

Research from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply suggests that as little as half an hour’s average delay at UK and Irish ports could see businesses go under. If these findings are correct, more preparation is urgently needed to manage Brexit-related risk.

As reported by the media, if government fails to deliver a trade deal on time, we could potentially see major road traffic turmoil as HGVs are delayed, whilst new and differing sets of paperwork are processed, and hauliers have to contend with increased custom checks.

With just over five months left to secure a deal, and no end in sight, how are businesses preparing?

Business understands that a well-oiled supply chain is of key strategic importance. To navigate the challenges that Brexit will no doubt bring, businesses are recognising the need to have strength and depth across their supply chain leadership team. At Norman Broadbent, we are well positioned to provide clients with immediate and impactful Supply Chain Interim Professionals. Bringing a huge amount of experience to bear, they are uniquely positioned to help a company navigate the challenges ahead, transform and upgrade supply chains, and use their extensive knowledge to build a better function.

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