Forget the ‘War For Talent’ … Things just got real!

Good leaders are critical to driving growth and productivity, yet organisations are finding it more difficult to attract next-generation leaders and high potential talent. The Chartered Management Institute recently stated that 64% of employers think lack of leadership and management is holding back growth. They also claim poor management could be costing UK businesses over £19 billion a year. The UK Labour Market Report recommends that the UK needs to appoint 200,000 managers and leaders every year, and the workforce is contracting on both sides of the coin.

There aren’t enough young professionals coming into the market at the bottom, and many are retiring at the top. This is not a cyclical shift as described in McKinsey’s ‘War for Talent’ in the late 90s. This is systemic.

To meet these challenges, businesses need to consider their EVP, and even more so, their behaviours. They need to be more attractive, more compelling, and take a more macro-perspective on recruitment.

Norman Broadbent Solutions has seen an increasing number of clients seeking help to address problems with their talent attraction and engagement strategy. Our advice is that it’s no longer about merely appointing candidates based on technical capability, but aligning them culturally, and assessing them from a purpose, integrity, values, and resilience perspective. As no company is the same, and each has to develop an engaging and compelling proposition, our advice is increasingly bespoke to achieve the desired outcomes.

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