Getting Britain Building …

With projects worth £600bn in the pipeline, the Government announces a decade of building

A massive £600 billion investment for UK roads, hospitals, and schools was announced this week. The government’s National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline Plan has revealed the vast scale of planned and current public and private investment, alongside proposals harnessing modern technologies to build infrastructure in a more effective, productive, and efficient way. Such an initiative will help create a high-quality infrastructure, which should boost global competitiveness, improve productivity, and enhance industry standards.

To ensure maximum efficiency, Ministers are encouraging greater use of more modern approaches in construction. This includes the manufacturing of components in factories using the latest digital technology before being sent for assembly on construction sites. The government has also committed to increasing the use of these methods in public-funded projects.

Despite significant contributions to the UK economy, the construction sector’s productivity is weak compared to other sectors, such as manufacturing. Applying modern manufacturing approaches to building projects can boost productivity and reduce waste by as much as 90 percent. For example, a project that typically takes a year to build could be completed in just over four months. With off-site manufacturing already being successfully used on a number of infrastructure projects, the government’s backing of the digital initiative is a timely and very welcome one.

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