“Mind the (skills) gap”

“Mind the (skills) gap”

How Interim L&D professionals are being deployed in Talent-short markets

With much talk of the transport and infrastructure sector facing its greatest skills shortage in years, some may simply blame Brexit.  But this is far from the only cause. In fact for many years, our Clients have been increasingly challenged by skill shortages when sourcing Talent for ‘hard to fill’ roles. In summary, many of our Clients are operating in ‘opportunity-long/Talent-short’ markets.  However, we cannot be blind to the scale of the challenge Brexit presents when it comes to attracting and appointing Talent. With a significant portion the sector’s workforce being EU nationals, any reduction in access to this pool of business-critical Talent will only make the skills’ shortage worse.


Another challenge facing our Clients centres on a reduction in entry-level supply, i.e. the falling number of young people and graduates coming into the sector. At the other end of the labour market, c. 40% of the workforce are aged 50+. This means there is a growing skills ‘gap’, and concern about the transference of skills.  Increasingly, there is a focus now on the retention of older workers who not only possess specialist skills, but who can pass them onto the next generation.


In light of these challenges, Norman Broadbent is helping an ever-growing number of Clients tackle these skills shortages head-on. This is via the provision of Interim Learning & Development (L&D) professionals. Such specialists are helping Clients design, develop, and deliver bespoke L&D Programmes that are:


  • Raising the calibre of their employees, and mitigating the negative effects of any skills gap
  • Creating graduate programmes that are helping build talent pipelines, and delivering graduates with the technical skills needed
  • Building internal talent pools
  • Creating clear career paths to help with Talent retention.


If you would like to find out more about how Norman Broadbent Interim Management can help you with this, or any other Talent challenge, please do not hesitate to contact Nick Behan via +44 (0) 0207 484 0106 or nick.behan@normanbroadbentinterim.com for an initial confidential discussion.