Group Treasurer V2.0

Group Treasurer V2.0

The morphing of the traditional CFO into something more akin to change agent/strategic business partner to the CEO is well-documented.  Less discussed, however, are the profound changes which Group Treasurers have encountered. Not only have the more traditional administrative duties of the Treasurer increased in importance, but the post-holders have also taken on a more visible strategic role where stakeholder management is vital, and technological advances need to be embraced. Facing challenging markets, stricter regulation, and the need to accurately monitor financial performance and risk, the Group Treasurer is now more important than ever before.

In today’s volatile and uncertain business climate, organisations are acutely aware of the need to remain sufficiently liquid and manage any risk exposure. As a consequence, Treasurers are increasingly being called upon to act in an advisory capacity to the Board. Group Treasurers have also expanded their influence across the organisation, meaning any gaps between treasury and key strategic influencers are closing.

With ongoing technological advancements, Group Treasurers are increasingly cognisant of the need to stay ahead of developments in the tech space. They are constantly looking for new ways to provide up to date, or real time information on cash positions and cash forecasts. This deeper insight allows Group Treasurers to better react to any cash and/or working capital needs. As a consequence, they are significantly increasing their spend on treasury technology and innovations to gain maximum visibility over their function, achieving greater strategic control.

As a result of this evolution, we have seen a change in the required competencies that organisations look for when appointing Group Treasurers. Whilst it is still necessary for candidates to display fundamental treasury skills (cash and working capital management, bank relationship management, debt financing, hedging etc.), greater focus is being placed on appointing those with a process improvement mind-set. Previous exposure to automation initiatives such as the implementation of treasury management systems and introduction of robotics will also be attractive in this environment. Effective business partnering and stakeholder management skills are also of increasing importance to the modern Group Treasurer, meaning (more often than not), organisations are looking for well-rounded individuals to take on the role. This necessitates a more rigorous Search process when organisations go to market seeking high-quality Talent for senior Treasury roles.

With a 95% success rate, Norman Broadbent Solutions’ Finance Practice is perfectly placed to work with those organisations seeking to hire the very best Treasury Talent. Our forty-year heritage, combined with progressive and agile talent strategies targeting active and passive candidates, allows us to offer up the broadest and most diverse range of Talent available.  With shortlists being delivered in 20 working days, our clients are in a position to hire both diligently, and at speed, ensuring optimum outcomes for our clients.

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