Case Study: Interim H&S, Getting back to work, safely

Health & Safety Covid Case Study:

Interim Occupational H&S Consultant


  • Our client had an urgent need to conduct a fast and extensive review of their Occupational Health and Safety plans specifically relating to re-opening a key site post Covid-19 lockdown.
  • 27 independent interims were identified and approached. Our focus was on candidates with significant previous  experience in successfully delivering independent reviews within Manufacturing businesses.
  • The candidates were shortlisted within 72 hours of briefing. Our Client was  delighted with the speed, professionalism and  thoroughness of our process.


  • Our Client, a leading British automotive manufacturer and luxury brand, is preparing to reopen a key site to commence work quickly (and safely) once the Covid-19 lockdown is relaxed.
  • To ensure their existing H&S team’s planning and procedures are robust and optimum, they urgently needed to conduct an independent review of all aspects of Occupational Health & Safety.
  • To achieve their H&S objectives, they had two choices. Either engage an expensive H&S lawyer or bring in a dedicated expert on an interim contact experienced in both legal aspects and additional business needs to review the current structure and advise on improvements. Having consulted us about available talent, they chose the latter option.


  • Once instructed, we quickly set about identifying candidates with previous experience in successfully delivering these type of extensive site reviews within similar manufacturing environments.
  • 27 Interim consultants were identified and approached. They were then filtered further, and a shortlist of suitable candidates shared with the client.
  • During a further review with the Client, we went through the relevant experience and suitability of each candidate in detail. During this review, three candidates were selected for interview.


  • The candidates were shortlisted within 72 hours of briefing, with the entire process taking seven days. The successful candidate had operated at the highest level in this field, recently working with the government as one of their chief advisors. They also had significant relevant experience within the manufacturing sector.
  • Our Client was delighted with the speed, professionalism, and thoroughness of our process. Most importantly, they were very impressed with the quality of candidates. Their chosen candidate delivered above and beyond the Client’s expectations.
  • The use of an Interim not only gave our Client an independent viewpoint, but also brought some innovative solutions to the assignment in a cost-effective, time-efficient manner.

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