Digital, Data & Analytics Case Study: Talent Pipelining & Pooling


  • Our client, a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in London, was transitioning their global branding from being best known as a market leading pharmaceutical firm, to a company renowned for improving the lifestyle of consumers.
  • Key to this evolution was an extensive review and build out of their Digital, Data and Data Analytics function.
  • The challenge that presented them was how to attract, hire and retain the very best Digital talent, especially as many of these individuals are not easily identifiable, are increasingly in demand, and most often not from the Life Sciences sector.


Norman Broadbent implemented a three-stage process:

  • Firstly, utilising our extensive networks across all business sectors, we produced an exhaustive map of all DDA talent for our client. We also incorporated a range of innovative initiatives to connect with this community – from crowdsourcing, to attending hackathons and industry events, to managing an internal referral scheme within our own client’s workforce.
  • Secondly, in close communication with the client at all times, we refined this list to produce a second ‘longlist’ of the most relevant individuals and set up ‘scoping’ calls and meetings to discuss their propensity for a move, openness to a sector change, push and pull factors with current company/role, and what the remuneration package would need to look like to make a move attractive and viable.
  • We also gained insight on a range of broader topics, such as the market for DDA talent, skill shortages for up-coming projects, and, without disclosing the name of our client, we conducting a brief perception analysis via covert questions on a range of companies including, but not restricted to, our client.
  • Finally, and again in close agreement with our client, we began the process of pipelining, in stages, groups of DDA executives for informal meetings on a rotating monthly basis.


  • Over a process of twelve months, we provided our client with a sustainable and consistent pipeline of talent that they could engage with and ultimately hire. This resulted in 23 hires across their Digital function in this time frame.
  • We also provided a comprehensive and continuously evolving document, including details on projects they were engaged on, market insights and business intelligence. This report gave our client knowledge of where available talent was, the type of proposition they would need in place to attract it, and how they would need to motivate and engage these individuals to retain them for as long as possible within a fiercely competitive recruitment market.


  • A global pharmaceutical company sought critical support to hire multiple Digital, Data & Analytics Executives to build a market leading DDA team.
  • Norman Broadbent’s Research & Insight practice identified over 1,000 individuals to produce an exhaustive longlist to work from. We set up client interviews with 265 of the very best and most relevant individuals from this initial research.
  • Simultaneously, we also produced a highly detailed insight report for our client, providing market intelligence on all emerging trends within the DDA market across all business sectors.
  • A focussed perception analysis report of our client’s brand was also produced without compromise at any stage.
  • Our client was able to hire 23 executives from a diverse pool of candidates, in turn building a world class Digital, Data & Analytics function.
  • Our client also received significant data and intelligence on how best to engage and retain these individuals against unprecedented competition from rival companies, both in and outside of the sector.

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