Talent BAU in times of crisis

Over the past 7 months, the Covid-19 outbreak has heavily impacted the talent landscape. At Norman Broadbent, we help clients maintain as much business continuity as possible when it comes to recruitment and staffing, emphasising the long-term talent agenda, whilst at the same time maintaining productivity. We touch on innovative ways to maintain hiring practices during challenging circumstances, give advice on effective talent pipelining to ensure “business as usual” can be resumed as soon as possible, and share advice based on our experience.

With many economists expecting a V or U shaped recovery, your business will have competing priorities that will all be considered business critical. These processes will naturally demand your attention – so talent pipelining will take a back seat. This may mean that your talent team will be “fire-fighting” all year round to keep up with these initiatives and not have the time to undertake talent pipelining.

In response to the changing world, your business has adapted, therefore demanding a different talent pipeline strategy. A flexible home-working regime opens the organisation to a wider talent pool. At Norman Broadbent, we can support your internal talent teams in this ‘new world’. Please see below some of the reasons you should be talent pipelining, alongside our case studies, demonstrating how we have supported clients in building and maintaining a pool of candidates against a targeted brief, and proactively introduced candidates from this pool to our clients over a defined period.

What value does talent pipelining provide?

  • Enables a proactive approach to hiring and a more informed hiring strategy
  • Provides a short cut to scarce or highly sought-after talent profiles
  • Reduces the risk of the impact of unforeseen or long-term vacancies
  • Reduces time to hire
  • Enables you to plan how to reach your talent objectives e.g. D&I, continuing company growth.

If you would like to confidentially discuss how The Norman Broadbent Group could help you overcome your business or people challenges, please contact, Lyle Stewart on 07483 015 603 or via email at lyle.stewart@normanbroadbent.com