“There has always been fierce competition for talent in technology leadership and this is not about to change.”

In the new Digital reality, the once overlooked ‘IT’ function has come into its own. As technology develops at pace, businesses – both those in Digital and Data-led industries and those which use technological solutions to support everything from manufacturing to logistics to strategy and communication – require strong leadership at the helm of their technology teams to balance the need for both operational excellence and business transformation. This ‘balancing act’ is why over 50% of CIO’s now hold positions of trust at the board room table. In parallel, we have seen the meteoric rise of first the Chief Information Security officer and latterly the Chief Data Officer, both driven by our insatiable need to know more about our customers and, to make sure that this knowledge is protected. The recent shocks of the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic and it’s associated changes in the way we live, work and play has only increased the demand for Technology Leaders who can identify and implement change so that our Clients’ businesses can continue to meet customer expectations.

At Norman Broadbent we understand that to deal with the challenges that you face today, you need true business partners to create your technology and information strategy. Whether you are looking for innovative ways to disrupt the market, protecting your assets from cyber-attack, implementing market beating data & analytics or just looking to modernise and simplify your business.

There has always been fierce competition for talent in technology leadership and this is not about to change. Indeed, as more and more businesses wake up to the benefits of diversity of thought, it will only intensify. Here at Norman Broadbent we have a dedicated functional practice to meet your needs. Our team specialises in the acquisition of board ready, commercially focussed technology leaders, between us we have over sixty years’ experience of doing just that. We work in close partnership with our sector specialist colleagues, operating across private, public and private equity backed businesses to deliver board level and senior technology leadership assignments in the following areas:


The process of applying digital technologies to change existing or develop new business processes, culture, and customer experiences across the four key drivers behind Digital Transformation:

  1. Customer Experience (CX) led Digital Transformation (CMO perspective)
  2. Operational Digital Transformation (COO/CIO perspective)
  3. Cost-centric Digital Transformation (CFO perspective)
  4. Business Model Digital Transformation (CEO perspective)


Data is core to all things digital and we continually support clients across the entire data landscape:

  • Data Storage – migration to cloud and value of data lakes over warehouses
  • Data Analytics – cleaning, transforming and modelling data
  • Data Insight – the value obtained through analytics
  • Data Security – increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attack


With an increased customer and design focus, evolution of software-development and agile methodologies the Product function has increasingly become digitally centric in focus. As a result, modern product leaders are increasingly filling the new CEO pipeline for tech companies.

AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

At the forefront of digital innovation, and behind self-driving cars, photo recognition and natural language processing

Recent Mandates completed include:

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Chief Digital officer
  • Chief Innovation and Insight Officer
  • Chief Digital Marketing Officer
  • Group Digital Transformation Director
  • Director of Digital Strategy
  • Director of Insight and Analytics
  • Director of Digital Acquisition
  • Director of Data & AI
  • Group Head of Data Science

If you would like to learn more about our expertise in this space, or perhaps to discuss how we may help you, please contact Oliver Hawkley, Director, for an initial confidential discussion