As a pioneer of Human Capital Consulting we’ve developed an approach which makes us very different”

Dr Stephen Sloan
Norman Broadbent Consulting

About us

As a pioneer of Human Capital Consulting we’ve developed an approach which makes us very different.

• We give the whole picture: we use a combination of techniques to give a multifaceted view of the whole person or team. We measure “fluid intelligence” that is a genuine predictor of future performance.

• Extreme customisation: whether it is assessment, coaching or an organisational development project, everything we do is adapted specifically around each business; its strategy, culture, values and challenges.

•Grounded in rigorous science: our validated psychometric tools and interpretative approach provide critical insights into personality traits including “derailers” and “dark sides”.

• Unequivocal: we give a candid, objective, evidence based opinion to support critical people decisions.

• Commercial relevance: having the right senior leaders, in the right roles, being developed in the right way will ensure measurable, substantiated, improved performance.

• Benchmarking: our relationship with the Norman Broadbent search business means we can offer both quantitative and qualitative benchmarking giving external market comparisons.

Board & Leadership Assessment
Our Board & Leadership Assessment service uses the science of psychometrics underpinned by investigative, behavioural interviewing techniques to give an accurate assessment of both the individual and the team against key commercial criteria. In doing so we help organisations identify what ‘good’ looks like in specific roles and what they want their leaders to think, be and do and thereby minimising their liabilities and measurably maximising leadership assets from a talent perspective. In summary our services have typically been used to:

Provide objective and scientific facts to enhance assessment of a potential hire’s suitability for the role and the business
Identify development areas to enable senior leaders go from good to great
Benchmark and identify gaps in management capability and develop a strategy to get the very best out of the existing leadership team
Identify issues around top team effectiveness or broader organisational dynamics
Succession Planning and creating a platform for subsequent selection, appraisal and development
Identify potential issues and benefits in newly formed leadership teams pre or post-merger and during corporate restructuring

Board & Leadership Coaching
We work in partnership with organisations to provide executives with external expertise and support in a confidential and professional environment. This is provided at a pace that suits the individual, offering them independent and experienced input tailored to their specific needs to improve their own performance.

If you would like to hear more about our experience and how we may be able to help your business, please contact Dr. Stephen Sloan, CPsychol AFBPs for an initial confidential discussion.