Our Research & Insight service provides business leaders with valuable, bespoke, and specific intelligence on people, organisations and markets.It helps clients make better informed decisions/investments in talent; in turn, this can help strengthen organisations and accelerate strategic goals.

Talent Pooling & Pipelining

Building a pool of candidates against a targeted brief, proactively maintained over a defined period with a pipeline of live candidates

Pre-search Due Diligence

Mapping a defined talent landscape to explore whether/where there is talent, will it move, the cost and associated competitive intelligence

Perception Analysis

Customized research into how a client’s brand, strategy, leadership and culture are perceived by the market (competitors, recent employees, clients, customers etc.), with talent related recommendations to improve employer brand, process and attractiveness


The identification of diverse candidate populations across specified functions or sectors, and the assessment of an organization’s diversity brand versus their competition

Succession Planning

The assessment of current internal succession pools combined with complementary research and development of external pipelines and benchmarks, proactively planning for the expected (and the worst)

  • Talent Pooling & Pipelining

  • Pre-search Due Diligence

  • Perception Analysis

  • Diversity

  • Succession Planning

Research & Insight underpins everything we do. It helps all our stakeholders make fully informed decisions, provides valuable market and competitor intelligence as well as enabling us to support clients more effectively.

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