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  • What makes a good Interim Executive?
  • Benefits of being an Interim Executive
  • Setting up as an Interim Executive
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What makes a good Interim Executive?

Good Interims are experts in their field. They are credible and can demonstrate a progressive track record of achievement. They can bring this expertise and experience to make a valuable contribution from day one.

Be accessible

Often the mandates we receive from clients require a very quick turnaround. Good Interim Executives are therefore very accessible so that we can reach them quickly. It’s so important that we can reach you, discuss the brief and solicit your help in making sure that your credentials highlight relevant experience to the Clients specific business problem.

Demonstrate clearly your expertise

When we are in the process of finding the best solution for the client we will focus on four main things:

  • Knowledge of the Sector
  • Content Expertise
  • Experience of Change/Transformation
  • Style, Approach and Cultural fit
People and Communication Skills

Effective Interim Executives not only demonstrate very succinctly their knowledge and expertise, but are also able to demonstrate a wide range of people skills. They are able to build internal relationships quickly, understand sensitivities and understand and execute Stakeholder communications effectively.

Norman Broadbent Interim Management welcomes new professionals to this dynamic market. Professionals looking for their first assignment need to be able to make the transition from a permanent role, where they know the environment and are known to deliver to that of being an Interim where these links have to be built. Our Interims work to no notice and are committed to delivery. Frequently they will be based away from home with Clients across the UK and Internationally so a high degree of flexibility is required.

Benefits of being an Interim Executive

Interim Executives enjoy some of the greatest job satisfaction, knowing they had delivered business solutions which have a positive and significant impact on the organisations they work for.

They enjoy sharing their knowledge and will frequently mentor permanent staff as part of creating a lasting solution.

Interim Executives enjoy the regular challenge of new environments and solving what appear to be unsolvable problems.

They also enjoy the freedom of being their own boss and the flexibility post assignment to taking extended holidays or turning their attention to hobbies or business interests.

Setting up as an Interim Executive

Ltd Company

It’s usually a pre-requisite (as well as being financially beneficial) to set up a Ltd Company. You can choose to buy one off the shelf or choose your own named company to reflect your services.

If you decide not to initially do this but work through an umbrella company, you will need to check which providers use which umbrella companies as it is important the contracts of service go back to back

Bank Account – VAT registration

You will need to set up a bank account in your company name and also register for VAT.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Whilst claims on indemnity insurance are rare, this is essential and should be for at least £1m. Employers and Public Liability insurance are also required.


Most providers or clients will expect you to regularly invoice monthly so if working with a provider please note their invoicing timetable.

All providers will require certain information from you so if you store this electronically it will be easy to send on. Typical information required includes:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Bank Account details
  • Company Incorporation
  • VAT registration
  • Indemnity Insurances
  • Professional qualifications
  • References

Working with Norman Broadbent Interim Management

We want to be your provider of choice not just because of the interesting assignments we have, but because of our excellent customer service, our market information and our desire to partner with you.

With 30+ years of proven experience placing and advising organisations on the best people solutions, we are a trusted brand in the market known for our high levels of integrity and professionalism.

What you can expect from us
  • An initial face to face meeting to discuss the Interim market and how your skills will fit
  • Advice on your CV and written preparation for brief
  • Regular communication
  • Calls returned
  • When on assignment, a proactive Partner to support outstanding outcomes

As an important customer, we will always endeavour to provide you with the best advice and an efficient and transparent assignment process including invoicing and feedback.

Registering and Updating

Our registration process is simple. If you are responding to a specific opportunity please clearly state that on your email and attach your CV. Otherwise, please send your CV to

We will acknowledge your CV within 24 hours and ensure it is reviewed by a Consultant as soon as possible.

If you are registering your details or updating your CV following a break or after completing an assignment, please mark clearly in the subject line “Updated details” and CVs can be sent to

If you have a specific enquiry, please do get in touch with a member of the Interim Management Team.

Contact us

Angela Hickmore
Managing Director
Norman Broadbent Interim Management

D +44 (0)20 7484 0153
T +44 (0)20 7484 0000
M +44 (0)7483 015 584