Our Methodology

What makes Norman Broadbent Interim Management so very different is our approach to helping you solve your problems and needs. It is not just about identifying the best Interim Executive but about us ensuring that – in partnership with the Interim Executive – we have exceeded your expectations on outcomes.

At Norman Broadbent we always remember that although we are focused on crafting the best solution to meet your needs, we are at heart a people business. And although we work to a robust methodology, we never regard anything we do as purely transactional. Our problem-solving, solutions based approach coupled with a seamless and proven end-to-end way of working marks us out as a being a different kind of Interim partner.

At Norman Broadbent Interim Management:

We only deal with and place senior professionals that are known to us and our networks and not just randomly identified via LinkedIn or other social media

We regard ourselves as your trusted advisers. Our in-house specialists will not just take a job description but seek to understand and solve your problem. They will invest time in understanding your business needs and work with you to identify the critical tasks which will define the outcome. We can then identify and engage with the interim professional who has the right skills, expertise and style to achieve your desired outcomes whatever they may be.

We think of an interim solution as being a business process not a recruitment process. We work in a proven and joined up end-to-end way which helps client plan and manage how to achieve sustainable results.

We believe in a culture of accountability. All assignments will have agreed terms of reference within the first 10 working days along with milestones and timelines.

We are transparent and report monthly on progress against deliverables. We recognise that clients may not be in the same location or have time for regular meetings with the interim. Our monthly report gives a brief update on progress and any concerns/risks which need to be mitigated so there are never any surprises.

We understand that Knowledge Transfer is vital. With this in mind we will work with your business to help develop a plan for when the Interim leaves to help facilitate that knowledge transfer.

We always ensure the Interim produces an end of assignment report with recommendations which will form part of the final meeting to sign of the assignment.

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