We interview and psychometrically assess Leaders and/or Leadership Teams to support sourcing or developmental decisions, from light touch to deep dive analysis.

Which issues does this address?

All executives are appointed for a degree of technical expertise, but as leaders, their soft skills set them apart. How people think, behave, and are motivated dictates the culture they suit, and the ability to lead in differing circumstances. Understanding these more invisible competencies can:.

-Help organisations make more effective decisions when appointing new leaders externally or internally
-Identify areas for executive development within a current leadership team


Our approach

We combine psychometric and interview based assessments to develop a profile and report on selected executives. We help our clients position the assessment exercises with leaders and manage feedback directly to all stakeholders, comparing the assessment results to company and role profile(s). Assessments range from light touch to a ‘deep dive’, with developmental assessments involving 360 feedback. All assessments are tailored to client and individual circumstances, and a wide range of tests are considered to select the most relevant.

If you would like to hear more about our experience and how we may be able to help your business, please contact:

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