“Using data and insight, we help
mitigate risk, inform strategy,
develop/retain people, and
build business cases to achieve
optimal outcomes” 

At Norman Broadbent, we partner all types of organisations – large or small, public or private – to solve people and leadership problems. Understanding your goals, we are outcome-driven, focussed on identifying and implementing the change needed to help clients perform even in the most challenging of times, whilst being sensitive to the individual circumstances and personal goals of all participants and clients.

Using the best, most optimal process, we:

  • Benchmark/identify “what good looks like”, enabling you and your business to successfully deliver strategy
  • Assess your people for development, promotion, fit, team dynamics, and as part of a recruitment process
  • Help you succession plan and understand your ‘bench strength’
  • Help you develop your people, getting them and your business ‘future-fit’.

When assessing people/teams, we will help you answer – with evidence – these business-critical questions:

  • “What do I need?”
  • “What have I got?”
  • “What are the risks and opportunities?”
  • “Where do I focus my investment?”
  • “Where are my gaps? If I cannot fill them internally, where can I get the talent from?”
  • “Is this candidate suitable for this role?”
  • When developing people/teams, we will help you answer – with evidence – these business-critical questions:
  • “Can I optimise onboarding for new starters? Can I shape it to meet their development needs?”
  • “What development interventions are needed?”
  • “What will the programme look like, and who will deliver it?”
  • “Can I develop this person and get them to the level needed? If not, how do I replace them?”

By deploying Research & Insight, we will help you answer – with evidence – these business-critical questions: 

  • “How do my people and organisational structure compare with best in class? Can we be better?”
  • “How can I build my talent pipeline?”
  • “In terms of people, what can I get, where from, and how much will it cost?”
  • “The practical working solutions we deliver provide objective, fact-based intelligence, helping our clients succeed whilst managing and minimising risk.”

Clients use us because:

  • We offer a seamless, cost-effective, bespoke ‘end-to-end/find-and-fix’ solution
  • We help reduce risks associated with people decisions
  • We help retain/develop staff, meaning you should save costs, build loyalty, and preserve corporate memory
  • Our practical, pragmatic approach creates successful employee engagement and execution.

If you would like to learn more about our expertise in this space, or perhaps to discuss how we may help you, please contact Dr Stephen Sloan for an initial confidential discussion.