We help companies de-risk, manage the unpredictable, and proactively put in place an effective succession plan should a key member of your team move on, whether by attrition or retirement. Formulating a succession plan is one of the most important responsibilities of boards and business leaders.

Which issues does this address?

Where organisations lack confidence that critical leadership roles are covered by ‘ready now’ replacements internally, we can help build a robust succession plan and process, or improve existing plans. In essence, we ‘de-risk’ and give clients the ability to replace someone in a critical leadership role at short notice, either proactively or reactively. In summary, we help:

-Mitigate considerable business risk around critical leadership roles
-Identify future leaders whilst creating career development and retention plans


Our approach

We establish a success profile for the leadership role in question using existing profiles, or creating new ones. This includes experiential requirements, behavioural competencies, and cultural fit. All existing and potential succession candidates are assessed and measured against the profile to identify fit, development needs, and gaps. All assessments are compiled in a report mapping out where there are ‘ready now’ successors, where succession candidates need development and in which areas, and where there are fewer than two potential successors. We also develop and implement succession planning processes to ensure a continuous pipeline of suitable succession candidates.

If you would like to hear more about our experience and how we may be able to help your business, please contact:

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