An Interim Executive creates immediate short-term organisational agility, enabling you to leverage a particular skill set to meet your business objectives at a particular point. Mistakenly thought of as purely an emergency purchase for troubleshooting, crisis management or to fill a sudden unforeseen gap, Interim Executives are increasingly used tactically to meet a specific organisational need, such as:

• Procurement / Cost Management
• Transitional and Change Management
• Entry to New Markets, services products
• Programme Management – business, technology, people
• M&A related issues/projects
• Restructuring
• Mentoring

In summary, Interim Executives offer a wealth of experience, objectivity and accountability. They help give clients a competitive edge and can be introduced and started within days. They are there to deliver specific outcomes to a pre-agreed timescale in a focused and defined way. They provide a cost effective and efficient alternative to consultancy use and can be introduced as individuals or as a team.

Benefits of using an Interim Executive

• Speed to hire
• Hired to a specific brief for a defined period so no long term costs or liabilities
• Clients only pay for days worked
• Access to a wealth of experience to support or supplement internal management / Board team
• Accountable to you as opposed to a Consulting Partner
• Long lasting benefits and sustainable solutions
• Injection of expertise and experience lacking in the business
• Ability to introduce new ideas / ways of working from other sectors
• Objectivity with no hidden agenda

Many of our clients now seek Interim Executives to help reshape their organisation or add a specific short term skill set to their team, drive change or deliver projects. Whatever the need may be, Norman Broadbent Interim Management strives to meet a Clients’ needs, whatever they may be to help deliver impactful results quickly.

Why choose Norman Broadbent Interim Management?

With 30+ years’ experience of working at the most senior levels, Norman Broadbent has a unique understanding of the challenges businesses face and the many ways we can help. With access to a wide range of talent, we are ideally positioned to engage with experienced individuals who can make an immediate impact. Our Interim Executives cover many of the main functional areas and can also leverage their specific sector knowledge providing clients with expertise to deliver results.

Our Interim Management Business is complementary to Norman Broadbent Executive Search and we pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our colleagues across the same markets and functions adhering to the same high quality standards.

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