Customized research into how a client’s brand, strategy, leadership and culture are perceived by the market (competitors, recent employees, clients, customers etc.), with talent related recommendations to improve employer brand, process and attractiveness

How does this help you?

  • Provides an unadulterated 3rd party market perspective
  • Enables any business to appreciate its strengths, but more importantly, areas for brand and process improvement
  • A guide to the improvement of EVP to better attract and retain the best talent and helps position discussions by pre-empting and proactively handling negatives

Are you asking yourself…?

  • Does the perception of our brand match the reality of our strategy and the business we are trying to build?
  • How does the market perceive our business and what lessons can we learn to make improvements in order to attract the right talent?
  • How does our employer brand compare to our competitors?…and why?