“Delivering bespoke, value
added research and business intelligence on
markets, people, and competitors, helping you
make better, more informed decisions”

At Norman Broadbent, our Research & Insight Team not only supports on search and interim assignments, but is also able to directly support clients on stand-alone projects. As the world of work evolves, so do the needs of our clients, which is why we have Research & Insight as part of our portfolio of services. This is truly bespoke, tailored to client needs, and designed to help clients make fully informed decisions. Our services – which can be candidate or market-focussed – include the following:

Pre-Search Due Diligence: Mapping a defined talent landscape to explore whether/where there is talent, will it move, the cost and associated competitive intelligence

Talent Pooling & Pipelining: Building a pool of candidates against a targeted brief, proactively maintained over a defined period with a pipeline of live candidates

Diversity: The identification of diverse candidate populations across specified functions or sectors, and the assessment of an organisation’s diversity brand versus their competition

Succession Planning: The assessment of current internal succession pools combined with complementary research and development of external pipelines and benchmarks, proactively planning for the expected (and the worst)

Business Intelligence: Providing insight around organisations and markets to allow clients to make more informed decisions. This includes competitor intelligence, including team structures and operating models; remuneration analysis, including push and pull factors to aid talent retention; and perception analysis, customized research into how a client’s brand, strategy, leadership and culture are perceived by the market

If you would like to learn more about our Research & Insight services, or perhaps to discuss how we may help you, please contact Andrew Smith, Group Client Services Partner, for an initial confidential discussion.