Building a pool of candidates against a targeted brief, proactively maintained over a defined period with a pipeline of live candidates

What value does this provide?

  • Enables a proactive approach to hiring and a more informed hiring strategy
  • Provides a short cut to scarce or highly sought after talent profiles
  • Reduces the risk of the impact of unforeseen or long term vacancies
  • Reduces time to hire

Are you asking yourself…?

  • We need to find a broader pool of talent in a specific area beyond our traditional recruitment resources – are they out there and how do we find them?
  • We will need to invest heavily in digital talent, but know these are hard to find and attract. How can we prepare and how can we get the candidate pool interested in us?
  • How can I quickly build a new team with specific hard to locate skill-sets in business critical areas, and also have additional candidates to hand when we need to grow capacity quickly, or lose staff?
  • How can we develop relationships with key candidates and maintain contact until both parties are ready to engage?