T e a m

S a l w a M o h i d i n

A d m i n i s t r a t i v e A p p r e n t i c e

Salwa Mohidin

Salwa is currently completing an apprenticeship at Norman Broadbent, working within the Business Support Team while studying at the same time to qualify as a business administrator. She works alongside the Office Manager and Executive Assistants to provide support across the business, with tasks ranging from marketing through consultant support and business development, to offer a broad experience and skill-set during her course.

Previously, following completion of her GCSEs and A-Levels, Salwa took part in a 6-month course in business administration to familiarise herself with the tasks and duties that administrative work entails. This allowed her to understand the complexities that administrative roles offer and led her to her current apprenticeship with Norman Broadbent.

Salwa loves learning new things, both inside and outside of work. She is a keen linguist, and speaks English and Somali, and has recently also been learning Arabic. This goes hand in hand with her love of travel, learning about different cultures and lifestyles. She is also a keen reader, and she loves the escapism of a good book.

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