Consultancy is dead …

Change is the new Norm.  Post COVID, the world of business has been forced into further change and whether impacted positively or negatively, most businesses have a change agenda. So here is the conundrum organisations must grapple with – how to deliver change and transformation in a timely, cost effective way when there is a lack of skills and experience in the business to successfully deliver that change.

For many Clients, having reluctantly accepted the need for external help, they call in a top consultancy. Most will go on to tell of eye watering costs, how the project over ran or did not go to plan, poor execution/implementation, lack of expertise etc. Sound familiar?

Such failures were evidenced by McKinsey who found that 70% of all change programmes fail (Why do most Transformations Fail: McKinsey, 2019). But why is this?  We believe it is down to poor planning, poor execution and, most importantly, the wrong people delivering.

Unfortunately, despite McKinsey’s findings, there have been few, if any, alternatives. Until now!  With The Norman Broadbent Group you will get access to experienced, outcome focused professionals. They will involve your teams, mentor and coach your people through the change process, and deliver as promised – on time and to budget – before seamlessly transitioning everything back to you. Our network of tried and tested ex-Big 4 Consulting and C-Suite Professionals have a proven history delivering long standing and sustainable transformational change. From establishing the business case, through to PMO creation, the design, testing, delivery, and hand over … you will get a team that works with you to understand your challenges and mobilises with the end delivery in mind. Our teams are there for the duration to ensure successful delivery and transition into BAU.

In summary the benefits of using our Interims versus highly priced Consultants are as follows:

  • By creating a platform for change with good governance, checks and balances can be redeployed
  • The engagement of internal staff means they will not only learn new skills but also help embed that change into the business
  • You will see up to 50% cost savings against the typical rate card of a consultancy
  • A programme team that will report to you as the client
  • A team which will be controlled and selected by you, the client
  • Delivery which is enhanced by an effective transition programme to hand back to BAU
  • Programmes delivered on time, on budget, and with an engaged team

Our 2020 Free White paper which explores the benefits as well as exclusive data collected over 45 PLC’s as to the charge rates of the Consultancy houses is available on request.

Finally, let me leave you with this thought. As the world has changed, it’s time to think differently about how your business delivers change.

If you would like to confidentially discuss how The Norman Broadbent Group could help you overcome your business or people challenges, please contact, Angela Hickmore on 07483 015 584 or via email at