Cyber 2021: The Essential ‘Check-List’

Life in 2021 has started very differently to 2020 – or indeed for many years prior to that. Covid-19 has changed the business landscape, some would say forever. Business drivers have moved from Strategic to Tactical and back to Strategic. As we move towards returning to some form of ‘new’ normality, the way companies engage with their customers, together with the internal operation operating model, now needs to be reviewed to ensure that those decisions made during the Tactical and survival phases of 2020, are validated and evolved or changed as required. Key amongst all these is security, and the new threats that have arisen to data, the very core of an organisation. New thinking is required not only to protect this data, but also how to utilise it going forward. More than ever, those in charge of Cyber Security need to be business as well as technology professionals and understand the key business drivers that will ensure their organisations’ survival and growth.

Below are the seven key issues which should be on the list of any forward-thinking organisation – how many are on yours?

The Team

Do you have the right people in the team? Are they leaders that can inspire others? Are they open minded, flexible, and entrepreneurial? Are they innovators, or those that follow the pack? Either may be right choice depending on your organisational drivers. Finally, do you have a fit-for-purpose succession plan?

Taking Back Control

Now is the time to review 2020 to ensure that decisions made in early in the Pandemic have been the right ones. This is not about blame, but validation on what is in place now. Is it fit for purpose, does it need enhancing, or is it a risk?

Business-focussed Development

All good technology professionals will have the health of the business underpinning their decisions. Understanding the key business drivers will ensure a robust and flexible cyber security framework, one that not only protects the organisation but enables it as well. Have your team been read into the drivers, and do they know what it means for them?

Ongoing Regulation

Regulation is never going away, and indeed 2021 will see an increase in initiatives that last year were put on the back burner. However, never has Cyber Security been more on the Exco agenda, especially with workforces now distributed away from offices. The onus will be on enhanced risk management, but especially the first line where breaches may occur, so strong technology, combined with resilient business processes are key.

Automation and Transformation

Like most technology functions, automation will play a key part on not only identifying threats, but also in the prompt and effective response. AI will further allow effective and timely prediction of threats, providing the ability to be proactive. Transformation to more autonomous and robust system will also allow for cost reduction, as well as seamless integration into new cloud-based technologies.

Omnichannel authorisation and customer experience

Having the ability to navigate through a customer journey without constant revalidation is key. CRM and CX platforms enable this journey but need to be managed and monitored effectively. Whilst the customer sees an easier journey, background systems must be in place at all points validate and revalidate identity. This is especially important given the number of new gateways into a system due to post-Covid distributed working models.

Resilience & the Future

The crystal ball well and truly broke in 2020, so businesses need to ensure they do everything possible to mitigate any future enforced changes. This can only be achieved by integrating technology fully with the business, investing in proactive decision making and subsequent transformation. There are no more ‘Sacred Cows’, so all previous assumptions need to be revisited and stress tested. Moving forward, a positive dialogue with all levels of the organisation should result in better risk mitigation.

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