Norman Broadbent Interim Case Study: Interim COO – Manufacturing and Home Installation Business


A Private Equity firm had acquired a well known manufacturing and home installation business. A new management team was successfully brought in as part of the acquisition, with the exception of a COO. The organisation had been searching for a new COO for over seven months, but couldn’t find someone with the right mix of experience and skills required to drive the business forward.

During this time, the CEO had been managing COO responsibilities. As transformation was becoming more complex, the point had come where this was no longer viable. Under normal circumstances, the firm would have brought in an Interim to complete the transformation process whilst continuing their search for the permanent position. The management didn’t feel this was the way forward as previous search partners were unsuccessful, so a fresh approach was needed.

Having successfully helped businesses in similar situations for over 40 years, Norman Broadbent Interim Management were able to support the client through our extensive network of candidates focused on finding their next challenge, rather than their next full-time or interim role, where they can make a real difference to a business. Consequently, we introduced three potential candidates all of whom met the challenging brief which was a combination of change and business as usual and were immediately available.

We were able to complete our thorough due diligence and referencing process before the client met the candidates, all of which was shared with them ahead of the interviews. The whole process required seven working days: from the role briefing, presenting the shortlist of candidates within 72 hours, the interviews to the preferred candidate starting on the following Monday.


Because the candidates presented had both successful permanent and interim careers, they brought with them a strong blend of change and transformation experience through their interim roles and business as usual through their full-time career. All the candidates were available immediately. Since the candidates were focused on the challenge rather than the type of role, the client was able to engage their preferred candidate on an initial six month interim contract to ensure the right decision was made.

Within four months of the candidate joining, they had made significant and positive changes to the business and the client was keen to bring them on board full time, which the candidate was more than happy to do.

• The interim had started with the client within seven working days of the initial briefing.
• We were able to de-risk what was proving a challenging hire.
• Norman Broadbent Interim provided a fully referenced shortlist.

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